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Why Invest in a Coach?

For many executives business strategy decisions are easy. But when it comes to people issues the decisions become difficult. Building and managing relationships doesn’t come naturally for many executives. And decisions that affect lives-careers-families-self esteem are downright difficult. As a result many executives procrastinate in handling people issues such as poor performance, or communication and behavior problems, and conflicts. Even larger issues such as development, succession planning, and retention are put aside. These executives become simply stymied.
However, many progressive companies are realizing that talent management is critical to their company’s growth. And talent management can no longer be ignored or fixed through books or seminars. Individual intervention-or coaching-is necessary and many times the only solution for an executive who may otherwise be talented in operational functions but lacks the people skills necessary to be an effective leader.

Why Does Coaching Work?

Executive coaching produces better results than workshops and seminars because it is a one-on-one process focused on the individual executive’s capacities, behaviors, values, beliefs, motivators, and challenges. Rarely can these be addressed in group sessions or even by the person himself.

I compare this to starting an exercise program. Have you ever started exercising by yourself-possibly watching a TV program, following a DVD, or attending a group workout-only to find that you weren’t sure whether what you were doing was effective?  Did you also find that sticking with the program was more difficult than the exercising?  And then how long did this “go it alone” process last? That helps explain why exercise equipment is so often seen at tag sales.  However, if you worked with an exercise coach sticking to the routine and doing it correctly would encourage you to continue. Exercising with a coach also motivates you, stretches you to exceed your expectations and produces better results.

Solution: Custom Coaching

Coaching as in personal training must take into account the person’s current status, capacities, desires, and issues to be overcome. One-size-fits-all does not work. A big consideration must be the level of the executive. C-level executives have different challenges and therefore different needs than a mid-manager level. Senior executives must be comfortable and knowledgeable in skills that include dealing with shareholders, boards, financial institutions, and growing the next level of executives. Mid-managers need skills in coaching, leadership, accountability, communication, and others. And all need to know, understand, and work with their individual emotional mind sets.



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