Own What You Do and Love It Too: For Anyone Who Works for Anyone

Own What You Do and Love It Too: For Anyone Who Works for Anyone

In Terri Kabachnick’s first book, I Quit, But Forgot to Tell You, she tackled an issue that was on the rise in the workplace across the globe–employee disengagement.


Now, after years of serving executives as a trusted business coach, adviser, and behavioral expert, she focuses on the growing trend of lack of ownership. “Blame-itis”–the act of blaming others for workplace problems–has become prevalent, reducing employee engagement.

In this book, you’ll learn how to ensure you don’t become part of the trend by:

– asking probing questions during a job interview to gain insights into the company and your potential boss;

– developing self-awareness to empower yourself and confront daily challenges; and

– eliminating self-sabotaging beliefs that limit your potential and impact every area of your life.

Numerous self-assessments, fun exercises, and real examples from the workplace are included to help you determine how you feel about what you do, define your role, and become more productive and happier inside and outside of the workplace.

Develop the skills you need to secure your dream job and position yourself for continued success with the proven career strategies in Own What You Do and Love It Too.

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