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IN-HOUSE Talent Engagement Training System

Talent Engagement Training System
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Why do some executives and managers rise swiftly through the ranks, while many others stagnate? 
How to overcome the fast-spreading virus that’s keeping you from achieving your career and business goals…

You’ll give impulse to employees you manage – and you and your business will blossom – when you empower yourself with the latest human development tool.

The new “In-House Talent Engagement Training System.” A training program easily implemented by anyone with supervisory capacity. With it you’ll have Productivity Strategist Terri Kabachnick in your corner, fighting to exterminate that expensive virus – employee disengagement – from your company.

You can start implementing a permanent solution today in preparation for the economic recovery that lurks around the corner. Here’s how. In response to the success of Terri Kabachnick’s best-selling book “I Quit, But Forgot To Tell You,” her readers and clients asked for an easy to use in-house system that would expand her message. That system has just arrived – Terri’s new “In-House Talent Engagement Training System.”

And I must tell you… if you liked the title of the book, “I Quit, But Forgot To Tell You” you will love the program.

You see, Terri and her expert exterminators of disengagement at The Kabachnick Group have collected all their knowledge of human behavior, all their employee retention techniques, and all the no-nonsense employee guidance savvy that they’ve acquired since 1984 and placed it all in a high qualityDVD/CD Talent Engagement Training System.

An integral part of this package is the indispensable Leader’s Action Guide – a tool that helps you take the information from Terri’s book, “I Quit, But Forgot to Tell You” and apply its strategies and lessons to your own individual needs and development situation. You also have access to an unlimited number of downloadable Participant Action Guides. It’s like having a GPS road map providing specific instructions on how to maximize the PEOPLE POWER in your organization.

Terri’s “In-House Talent Engagement Training System” can deliver the motivated people that as a boss you dream of having.

Order now online or call TOLL-FREE 1-800-275-8374 now and say you’ll join Terri today. Your new In-House Talent Engagement Training System will be on its way within 24 hours. When it arrives take out the fast start CD, pop it in the drive, and Terri will be right there with you giving you an overview of each phase of your project. Then do the same thing with the DVD and the easy to follow Leaders’ Action Guide.

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