Stages of Growth


As companies grow through various stages, they can prepare by improving infrastructure, processes and systems. Often over-looked in preparing for growth is the most complex unpredictable element of your business – your people.

Growth Curve X-Ray will do for a company what a job benchmark does for a position by determining a company’s current stage of growth; critically assessing a company’s past, present and future stage of growth; and identifying the hidden agents that are prohibiting a company from growth.

The Kabachnick Group can help establish where your company is on The Growth Curve. Knowing where you are on the curve gives you a strong competitive advantage. We can help identify which stage of growth your organization is currently in and how to successfully predict and prepare for your next stage of growth.

The seven stages

James Fischer took the idea of growth challenges and completed a study of 650 businesses, ranging from 1 to 500 employees. One of his key observations was that the number of employees most often determines the greatest cause of complexity in a business. He also identified thirty-five different challenges leaders face throughout 7 different stages of growth. Over the years, this research has led to a comprehensive model and accompanying business x-ray that we use to help businesses:

  1. Identify their key strengths and weaknesses and how they impact their business
  2. Understand how leaders need to change as the business complexity grows,
  3. Identify the appropriate balance between confidence and caution in decision making
  4. Address the key issues and business must address to thrive in the various stages

If you would like to learn more about how “Growth Curve X-ray” can help you lead your organization into greater success, let The Kabachnick Group help.

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