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Do you have a clear pathway to fulfill your talent management goals – and the right systems and tools to get you there?
For any business that is trying to do more with less while keeping pace with the ever-evolving market, stopping to think about the future workforce can be difficult. However, a well-conceived and implemented talent management strategy will not only boost today’s productivity and performance levels, it means the difference between success and failure.

In order to be prepared for the inevitable business changes such as growth, mergers or downsizing, a clear talent management strategy is a must.
An effective strategy goes beyond having the best people doing their jobs. Organizations must be deliberate in how they source, attract, select, train, develop, engage, retain, and move employees. And all the elements must align with the overall company goals and objectives.

The Kabachnick Group can Define & Align® your talent management goals.

Define & Align® provides clarity and purpose for achieving organizational talent goals by providing a straightforward, yet detailed blueprint. This unique process also drives, identifies, prioritizes, and calibrates performance criteria in terms of the most important core competencies required in a position. It analyzes the unique configuration of beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, attributes, and knowledge required of a specific job, ensuring predictable and superior performance.

the process

Define & Align
The Kabachnick Group partners with you to develop an integrated framework for the success of every individual as well as the overall performance of your organization. And we don’t leave you to implement on your own; we’re right there with you helping achieve results.

the payoff

Simple and Affordable
Wherever possible, we integrate your processes into our work rather than throwing out what you’ve already invested in. From there, we provide you with practical and easy-to-use strategies to implement swiftly and cost-effectively. Because we believe in building in-house champions, your reliance on us becomes minimal. We are there when you need us to fulfill your objective of becoming an employer of choice.

At The Kabachnick Group, we aren’t satisfied until our clients see bottom-line results from their strategic efforts. Specific benefits to expect from the Define & Align™ framework include:

  • Simplicity in execution
  • The right job and talent requirements
  • Data without personal biases
  • Over 100,000 calculations to identify, prioritize, and calibrate performance criteria
  • Personal and organizational accountability

By identifying the elements of talent management that optimize your employee base and sustain an engaged and productive workforce, your organization and the individuals within are prepared to achieve and sustain progress.

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