team productivity Strong, effective teams are made of strong, effective people

Are you investing in your greatest asset?


Although executives are quick to say that people are the most important asset, too few provide the basic tools and training people need to achieve and advance.
Why? Sadly, many managers believe an employee’s desire for training and career development is influenced by an ulterior motive. In other words, “Once you provide me with adequate training, I’ll take these skills to another (better) employer.” It’s a valid concern. But ask yourself this question: How much will it cost if you don’t develop your people?

You aren’t the only business faced with the new reality of Less people doing more with less.

Every individual working in your organization is an important investment on which you rely to make a healthy return. Here are some of the compelling reasons to invest in developing your employees:

  • Employees will choose one employer over another when that organization provides more training and development.
  • Poor performance by co-workers is one of the top reasons engaged employees leave their jobs.
  • 92% of employees in one of our recent surveys agreed that their companies fail to identify or deal with poor performers.

However, as a rule, managers devote excessive time to mediocre and poor performers, hoping against hope that the “fish can fly and birds can swim.”

Don’t leave the good ones to languish.

Productive employees are often saddled with extra responsibilities and tasks because they’ll get the job done. It’s a manager’s unintentional punishment. Suddenly the top performers get more work and less attention. Meanwhile, mediocre workers are “rewarded” with more attention and lower expectations.

Let The Kabachnick Group’s training systems be your wake-up call!

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