Employee Engagement

Employee engagement

Do you have a clear pathway to fulfill your talent management goals – and the right systems and tools to get you there?

Detached, disheartened, and disconnected. These are the feelings and behaviors of a disengaged workforce. Disengaged employees might do what they are supposed to do, but they’ve lost the passion to do it. These conditions are the early stage of a virus we call “quitting and staying.”

If not cured, employee disengagement spreads like a virus, infecting the workplace. Low morale…decreased innovation…lack of accountability. Disengaged employees cost your organization thousands of dollars in lost productivity every day.


Organizations today don’t worry about hiring a great employee and having them leave in three months.

Instead they worry about having a disengaged employee stay for three years.

Engagement Essentials

Engagement Essentials is The Kabachnick Group’s proven process that identifies energized and focused workers. This process provides an organization with new tools and techniques that focus on all levels of employee performance, productivity, and loyalty by assessing engagement levels and causes of disengagement.



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