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I Quit, But Forgot To Tell YouI Quit, But Forgot To Tell You - Attacking the Spreading Virus of Disengagement

Read Terri's recently published book on employee engagement and retention.

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Selecting Superior PerformnersSelecting Superior Performers
Safely Under the Law

Research Report
By Bill J. Bonnstetter
October 2009

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Solutions For Obtaining a Productive and
Engaged Workforce

Based on the success of Terri's
book, a DVD/CD learning system
to obtain a productive and
engaged workforce.

"Your coaching is literally priceless! In the time you and I have worked together, you have helped me grow in so many ways on a professional and personal level. I've had many breakthroughs regarding my management style and how I communicate with my peers, subordinates and senior management."
-Garret Ellberger, East Coast Director of Sales, RR Donnelley

Behavioral Profile

How do you respond to problems, rules
and people? How do you influence others
to your point of view?

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About Us

The Kabachnick Group's hiring, employee retention and engagement solutions help businesses worldwide improve hiring practices, reduce employee turnover and engage employees. Our talent development system has achieved an overwhelming response and unprecedented success. It's based on making the most of the beliefs, convictions, talents and passions that-all together-make up a person's inner nature, which impacts performance.

Our solutions are customized and tailored to meet your specific needs. To streamline this process and deliver immediate value, we utilize our industry-leading process, Define & Align™. With this process in place, selecting, retaining and developing the right people to support your brand in the marketplace becomes extremely cost-effective for your organization.

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