Detached, disheartened, and disconnected.

Posted on: January 3rd, 2014

Disengaged employees can cost your company thousands of dollars in lost productivity every day.  The costs are even higher when you factor in customer dissatisfaction.     

Engaged Leader Essentials, a proven and highly successful process from The Kabachnick Group, is comprised of custom services to help executives, managers, and supervisors learn to increase employees’ engagement — and their productivity.  Your leaders will learn how to turn their staffs into devoted and determined employees who delight customers and strive to exceed expectations.

How do you Turn Leaders into Engaged Leaders?
Engaged Leader Essentials is designed to put the principles of Terri Kabachnick’s book, I Quit, But Forgot to Tell You, to work throughout all levels of your organization.  This groundbreaking book, based on detailed analysis of approximately 50 organizations, lays out a straightforward and proven process for creating an engaged leadership team which, in turn, fosters an engaged employee workforce.

The process helps leaders apply proven, no-nonsense techniques and tools to all the stages of the employee lifecycle.  Tailored to your business challenges, workforce characteristics, and your organization’s unique culture, the process addresses:

  • Aligning leaders with the company’s goals and objectives.  Your management team will learn how to organize work to efficiently and consistently produce results.
  • Selecting the right people and matching them to the right jobs. Employee engagement starts with the “right hire”; we’ll help your team increase its hiring success.
  • Building capacity to achieve business objectives.  Your leaders will learn how to help employees gain the knowledge and skills required for a successful start and how to provide the right resources and development to ensure ongoing engagement and employee loyalty. 
  • Motivating employees to be passionate about their work. Leaders will learn how to increase employee productivity by focusing on accountabilities and contribution rather than executing responsibilities.

Engaged Leader Essentials is not a typical management training program.  We help your management team embrace new techniques and tools that focus on employee performance, productivity, and loyalty.  In fact, unless your management team first understands the causes of employee disengagement and learns practical ways to address it, the value of future training investments will be greatly reduced.    

After a detailed assessment of your organization and business goals, we’ll create a customized solution that can include many – or all – of these components:  executive briefings, job benchmarking, results-focused assessments and coaching, leadership workshops, integrated learning programs, and an efficient implementation process. 
Learn more today.  Call us for a free consultation and find out how you can increase profits and productivity through an engaged workforce.  As part of our consultation, we’ll deliver an executive briefing for your company’s senior management team.



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