Eight Fateful Reasons for Disengagement

Posted on: May 6th, 2013
  1. Job-employee mismatch.  
  2. Overwork and under-appreciation, including heavy workloads, long hours, and lack of sufficient recognition.  
  3. Culture shock, usually after mergers, when management fails to prepare employees for new culture.  
  4. Politics and perception, when employees perceive managers playing favorites.  
  5. Politics and control, when managers make it clear they want to “bring in their own people.”  
  6. Unwanted promotions (the “Peter Principle”).  
  7. Business “by the book,” or strict adherence to rules at the expense of thinking.  
  8. Disengaged bosses.

“To be truly motivated, one must make personal commitments.”
– William G. Dyer

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