Terri Kabachnick is a great speaker

Posted on: March 20th, 2016

Employee Recruitment. ¬†She does a great job captivating the audience, she does a great job relating the people. One of the things I really enjoy the most about her is that the material that she brings is authentic and true to what she’s talking about. I have yet to see a speech that he gave where I felt that the information was wrong. As someone who falls into the millennial or late Gen x age group, when she recently came to give us a speech about millennial’s I literally rolled my eyes before she started. Because every single thing I read or hear about millennial’s terrible. I will say that the way she talked about it was in many ways I think dead on right. And I think it wasn’t about the negative aspects of “Millenials” is what she views the positive aspects and the opportunities.

As a glass-half-full sort of person, I find that to be really refreshing and to be dead on.

I think Terri is a great speaker. I think that the assets that she brings for the employee recruitment and employee retention are fantastic and I really enjoy also seeing her as a speaker and getting to learn more from her in the new studies she’s done.

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