Providing a “Greener” Work Environment

Posted on: April 30th, 2014

The trend of employers having to deal with a declining performance in the workplace seems to be intensifying according to recent research by The Kabachnick Group. Here are some of our latest discoveries:

  • 92% of employers tell us their company fails to deal effectively with poor performers.
  • 54% of employees leaving a company do so because of having to deal with disengaged co-workers.
  • 78% of managers tell us their greatest challenge is “managing today’s workers.”

What’s an employer to do? Here are a few of our recommendations:

  • Be more diligent about holding people accountable. In the long run, employees who want to perform expect to be held accountable.
  • Define accountabilities clearly and get consensus early on in the job; don’t wait for the one-year performance review-that’s way too late.
  • Address poor performance immediately. Then set required behavior changes and time frames for improvement.
  • Spend more time with your star performers than you do with your poor performers. Devoting too much time to poor performers will demoralize your best performers.
  • Involve star employees in aspects of the business that are not part of their regular routine. This recognizes their value.
  • When hiring, be sure to hire only those who match your culture as well as specific benchmarks for the job.

The fact that most people truly want to develop and grow remains quite consistent. However, when trends like the current trend of disengagement is not addressed, the trend creates a ripple effect, impacting even the best of employees. As an employer, you have the opportunity to reverse the trend if you treat it like a gardener. Provide a “greenhouse” environment. Remove the dead and dying plants that suck up the oxygen and contaminate your eco system. Instead, continue to feed and nourish the buds and bloomers so they can continue to flourish.

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