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Terri Kabachnick is funny, she’s inspiring, she’s motivational

Posted on: March 20th, 2016

Terri Kabachnick is funny, she’s inspiring, she’s motivational, she’s a good listener. You may think that’s an odd thing for speaker because the speakers constantly delivering messages. She listens with her heart, she listens with her eyes and she listens with her ears. She’s able to read the mood of the audience whether it’s a 15-minute quick update on employee performance or it’s a four or six-hour session that she’s leading.

You can see that she will adjust and deliver the material that the team needs at that time.

Terri Kabachnick is a very eloquent speaker

Posted on: March 20th, 2016

Terri Kabacknick is a very eloquent speaker. I think she also engages the audience extremely well. She’s not the type speaker that if it’s 20 minutes she’s going to do 20 minutes, she’s going to look and get feedback from the audience and spend more time or last time as determined by what she is seeing in that audience.  Employee motivation.

I think she’s a very witty speaker, she is engaging, she’s entertaining, she is very insightful. Generally, people feel that they walk away from a session with Terri feeling that it was a very good use of your time.

Terri Kabachnick is a great speaker and motivator

Posted on: March 20th, 2016

Terri Kabachnick is a great speaker and a great motivator. She was here about two weeks ago and she spoke at our employee engagement training, she talked about millennial’s and the effect they are having on our generation and the whole buying trends of millennial’s. I had some of the sales people come up to me and say that was great. She really knows what she’s talking about so she was very good.

Terri Kabachnick is a great speaker

Posted on: March 20th, 2016

Employee Recruitment.  She does a great job captivating the audience, she does a great job relating the people. One of the things I really enjoy the most about her is that the material that she brings is authentic and true to what she’s talking about. I have yet to see a speech that he gave where I felt that the information was wrong. As someone who falls into the millennial or late Gen x age group, when she recently came to give us a speech about millennial’s I literally rolled my eyes before she started. Because every single thing I read or hear about millennial’s terrible. I will say that the way she talked about it was in many ways I think dead on right. And I think it wasn’t about the negative aspects of “Millenials” is what she views the positive aspects and the opportunities.

As a glass-half-full sort of person, I find that to be really refreshing and to be dead on.

I think Terri is a great speaker. I think that the assets that she brings for the employee recruitment and employee retention are fantastic and I really enjoy also seeing her as a speaker and getting to learn more from her in the new studies she’s done.

Terri Kabachnick’s retail background is invaluable

Posted on: March 19th, 2016

Terri Kabacknick has a passion and energy for helping employees grow, Dulce Gomez found her retail background invaluable.

“Terri has a tremendous value because you know we are a retail company and we strive to be the best retail company in the world. Just knowing her background and what she’s done for other retailers, we always welcome her here.” – Dulce Gomez HR Director

James McIngvale – Family Business

Posted on: March 19th, 2016

James McIngvale shares the impact that The Kabacknick Group makes on Gallery Furniture from his perspective.  Talent Management.

For people who grow from a young age in a certain business, there’s going to be certain influential people who work with that company that are going to be like mother father figures for you. Terri is certainly someone who has had an extremely important role in my life. I’ve been grateful for her personal support of myself as well as her helping me to find the right people for the particular jobs at Gallery.

One thing that is very impressive we Terri Kabacknick and her staff is their ability to evolve with the times in terms of the different jobs and finding the right people for it.

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